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  1. Kajala et al., 2021 Cell; Innovation, conservation, and repurposing of gene function in root cell type development A UCR news release about this paper can be found here Plants3D trainee Alex Borowsky is a co-author and contributed to the phylogenetic analysis and scientific insight. Summary: Translatome profiles for different cell types in the roots of tomato were generated to show how different cell layers of roots, such as the exodermis and xylem, are defined at a molecular level. Additionally, a comparison of tomato, rice, and previously published Arabidopsis data meristematic stem cell regions of roots show greater cross-species conservation in gene expression than more differentiated, specialized cells. Alex contributed to the phylogenetic analyses needed to interpret the cross-species comparisons.


  1. NSF NRT PI Meeting 2021 Poster – Our Poster summarizing how we developed our program in year 1 with our amazingly adaptable trainees despite the challenges of COVID-19.
Coping with COVID-19 Poster


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