Lida Halilovic

Jin lab: I am a Ph.D. student in the Plant Pathology program, doing research in the Lab of Dr. Hailing Jin ( My background is in fungal genetics and cellular signaling through work with Neurospora crassa in the lab of Dr. Katherine Borkovich. I now study molecular interactions between plants and the economically devastating fungal pathogen Botrytis cinerea. I specialize in investigating the transfer of metabolites, RNAs, and proteins between plants and fungi through extracellular vesicle trafficking. I am passionate about conducting high-quality research and scientific outreach to a broader community. My goals are to advance the field of knowledge in how plants protect themselves from pathogens to develop novel and environmentally friendly crop protection solutions. I also strive to spread awareness of agricultural threats and innovations to a broad audience to broaden people's perspectives on agriculture, climate change, and food waste. I also engage in community and mentoring activities to inspire younger students to be interested in and aware of careers in diverse scientific fields.