Amirsadra Mohensi

Lonardi lab: Hi, my name is Amir. Although a Ph.D. student in computer science, I believe that Plants3D offers me an excellent opportunity to develop specific modes of communication and collaboration with researchers in biological sciences. These communications and collaboration are necessary for the concerted effort of interdisciplinary researchers to address challenges in the production and conservation of bioresources. As a computer scientist, I develop tools that process and explain the deluge of genomic information extracted from various organisms. Today, we can predict crop yield, resistance to specific physical stressors, tolerance against various pathogens and pests, and other predictive tasks through machine learning. These systems, in turn, pave the way for plant biologists to design crops with increased efficiency and resilience while relying less on laborious and expensive lab experiments. For me, working on Plants3D projects that meld students with diverse backgrounds is a worthwhile and rewarding experience.