Taryn Dunivant

Groen lab: As a plant biologist, my passion for improving crop systems drives my research aims. With increased vulnerability to the abiotic and biotic stressors of a shifting climate, it is imperative that we discover, design, and deploy methodologies and technologies to combat these stressors in crop systems. During my Ph.D., I aim to uncover molecular mechanisms that can improve the resilience of rice in the face of climate change and concomitant increases in pressure from root-knot nematodes and other pests. The Plants3D program will significantly enhance the translational aspect of my current research and further orient my Ph.D. training to my long-term career goals as a scientist in the agronomic crop industry. Moreover, the program will expose me to the interdisciplinary landscape required to accomplish these goals. I want to be on the cutting edge of technology to solve agricultural challenges brought on by environmental and societal pressures. I want to be a part of the solution.