Marcus Harland-Dunaway

Jinkerson lab: My parents were both dedicated scientists and avid gardeners. When I was young, we grew countless fruits and vegetables, and I was always amazed by the vast array of treats that plants created for us. I was quickly drawn to the idea of engineering plants on the molecular level to fit new environments or purposes. It is exciting to think that I could develop something useful that could be used worldwide by people I don’t even know. Of course, there are still public concerns about GMOs, but I want to be a spokesperson that can help to shift public opinion on the safety of GMOs. Many biotechnologically modified crops are in use and help solve problems worldwide. I think that they are part of the future of agriculture. I plan to have a career in the industry where my work will likely be released to people through the market, where it can be helpful. The Plants 3D program gives me a fantastic opportunity to learn more about product design, entrepreneurship, and the economics behind making a successful product and business.